What I really want is more pack!  Can I use MIP Bypass1™to get more Pack and less rebound?
Yes! You can run MIP Bypass1™ in REVERSE, and set your pack with the oil weight, and set the rebound separately with the valves.  Works great!
Should I cut out the shock bladder when using MIP Bypass1™?
MIP Bypass1™ works great with or without cutting out the shock bladder.
Are you going to make MIP Bypass1™ for 1/8th scale too?
Yes!  We are going to offer MIP Bypass1™ for every RC shock on the planet.  Period.  We have built an entire Shock Lab devoted to this goal.  Keep a look out for new kits!
If the MIP Bypass1™ kit for my Traxxas fits inside of my Durango shocks, can’t I just use this instead of waiting for a special Durango kit?
Well, you can, BUT, when we produce an MIP Bypass1™ kit for a specific car, MIP Tech’s Shock Lab has dyno’d it based on the car’s weight and suspension geometry, so you may not get the full advantage by trying them on your own.  New kits coming!
Isn’t MIP Bypass1™ the same as what Tamiya and Traxxas did twenty years ago?
No! Those systems of the past and even some of the present day piston-centered designs just push oil through piston holes for dampening.  MIP Bypass1™ 1 does not use piston holes for dampening.  Instead, with the revolutionary MIP Bypass1™, oil flows around the segments of the unique patent-pending octagon design for rebound dampening, and for compression dampening the MIP Bypass1™ piston orifices direct the oil flow to the valves that allow the valves to meter the dampening.  Thus, without the valves, our piston creates no dampening at all.  Additionally, our patent-pending stop washer is the final mechanism that is specifically dyno-tuned by the MIP Shock Lab for each individual MIP Bypass1™ kit to expertly tune the dampening characteristics for that vehicle.  MIP technology is not the past or present - MIP Bypass1™ is the future!*1404ef799a3710360062edfe&function=show
more videos to come!

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MIP Part# 12110: Car Specific In-House Dyno Tested Results:  Team Associated SC10 &T4 V2

Scope:  Using Suggested Base Set-up 30wt Oil, the Compression & Rebound of the Stock Shock Piston is virtually the same as the MIP Bypass1™ Piston with Holes Blocked resulting in no bypass.  Compare them to running MIP Bypass1™ Piston allowing real bypass action!

In-House Dyno Tested Results:

Scope:  Using Suggested Base Set-up 30wt Oil, How does Compression and Rebound Vary between the color-coded Flex Washers?

Is MIP Bypass1 really that different from stock?

YES!  If you block the holes, it behaves pretty much like a stock piston... The Bypass makes the difference!

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