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DRIVEN UPDATE! Bumps/Whoops: HOF. What, you don’t know what HOF is? It stands for Hall Of Fame. Yes, the MIP Bypass1 Realshock pistons and re-worked shock geometry are THAT good. It’s the best I’ve ever driven on bumps, whoops and chop. Little stutter bumps coming out of corners? You barely know they exist anymore. Chunked out section of track where everyone has been over jumping a single? Once again, you hardly notice it’s there. Big clods of dirt that gets worked out onto the track? Well, you will notice them, but they won’t toss you half way off the track like the stock suspension does. The MIP equipped suspension on the SCTE is HOF, the rest of the rc companies have some catching up to do. (See Full Review: http://www.bigsquidrc.com/mip-pro4mance-losi-ten-scte-chassis-review/)

The folks over at MIP always put out very high quality products. So when they claim to be changing the world with one of their new products, our ears perk up and listen! Their latest product is called Real Shocks Bypass1 Piston Technology. These new pistons are designed to act much more like full scale vehicles with the way they let the fluids flow. It gets a little technical so I’ll let you go read about it for yourselves on the new RealShocks.com website. All I know is, we can’t wait to get our hands on this stuff and see how it works and changes the feel of our vehicles!

Shocking! MIP Bypass1 Shock Valves - Smooth Out Your Suspension! Bypass1 is a shock kit with pistons created by MIP’s design team that change how all RC shocks work.

Suspension is arguably one of the most important aspects of successful offroad racing. It has often been questioned as to why the R/C industry shocks seem so "primitive" compared to the advancements made in full-size racing. MIP has just released their all-new Real Shocks Bypass1 shock kit for the Team Associated B4.1 and B44.1 buggy, which may be the beginning of a huge advancement in R/C suspension.

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"TQd & Won JConcepts Summer Nationals! Won JBRL#5 with a 4 second Lead! The truck ran great all weekend at Jimmy Babcocks series race out at CCRC in Palmdale CA  . I qualified 2nd overall just under TQ by .8 seconds. I ended up taking over the lead within the next couple laps after an epic battle with Kris Blaze and never looked back. 
“The Car was Dialed! I TQd over Brian Kinwald, then WON BOTH of my A-Mains and came away with FASTEST OVERALL time”
MIPteam Matt Olson 
JConcepts Summer Indoor Nationals @ Outback Raceway, JBRL Electric Round 5 @ Controlled Chaos, Top Gun Shootout @ SDRC
Multiple Pro 4 Expert Class TQs and Wins with MIP Pro4Pak/LosiSCTE w/ MIP Bypass1

“Props to MIP Engineering and the MIP Race Team...at a mere 51 I am still representing the strength of the MIP Brand and pulling down A-Mains!”
MIPteam Eustace Moore Jr.
Top Gun SHootoout 2012 - SDRC: Third Place A-Main#3, Pro 4
MIP Pro4Pak/LosiSCTE w/ MIP Bypass1

“I had TQ'd the 2wd SCT class and qualified second in the 4wd SCT class. By the time the night was over, I had battled with Seth VanDalen (Kyosho Driver) in the first couple of minutes, but got in the lead and pulled away. ENDED UP FIRST in the end. In the 4wd SCT class, I had qualified 2nd behind the local Mugen driver Josh Ford (who is running the 1/8th scale Mugen ECO buggy converted to 4wd SCT), and in practice on Sunday I had made some changes to the suspension to suit how the track changed. In the Main I had taken the lead by the 1 minute mark and I punched out on the field. I LAPPED EVERY TRUCK!”
David Beam
Minnesota Off-Road Series
MIP Bypass1

"Ran my SC10 with Bypass1 in rebound for the first time. Truck DROVE SMOOTH and CONTROLLABLE!”
Jason Bowman
Race Proven!  (Click to Watch 3 Exciting A-Mains with MIP Bypass1 in action!)http://youtu.be/bMAAcA-FjzIshapeimage_10_link_0
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...Pros know & trust MIP racing performance!  The #1 comp level aftermarket radio control car accessory manufacturer in the world, we design the highest quality RC car parts and R/C truck parts as stock replacements for the most serious hobbyists.  Precision race-tested, our expert CNC machining is still in-house in the USA!

...Tools unmatched in quality!  Our hardened-steel MIP Thorp hex wrenches and power driver inserts are legendary for building model cars, helicopters, i-Sobots, jewelry, and more. Every MIP product is extensively tested by industry professionals for top performance! 

...How good is MIP? Ask around! Winners know MIP CVD™s are standard in Team Associated, HPI, Corally, and Losi pro kits.  Upgrade to MIP stock replacements for your Electric and Nitro Racing –Touring, On-Road, or Off-Road!  MIP Hop-Ups fit Team Losi, Team Associated, Traxxas (Slash, T-Maxx, and more), Kyosho, Thunder Tiger, X-Factory, Jammin, J Concepts, HPI Hot Bodies, Tamiya, Axial, and many more..

....Leading the Model RC Cars & Trucks Hobby Industry since 1979!

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